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That's why the BVPS Education Foundation cultivate resources and relationships that uplift our schools, support our teachers, and inspire brilliance in our students.


Classroom Grants


allow teachers to bring innovative and engaging learning opportunities to their students

Senior Scholarships

provide financial support to seniors as they embark on their future academic or career plans

Enrichment Programs


enhance the standard, core curriculum with important art, music, and extracurricular activities


Alumni Involvement


gives past students a way to stay connected and give back to Bristol Virginia's next generation

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Imagine a community that invested in the next generation.

We envision a less-burdened Bristol, Virginia

We envision a Bristol, Virginia that is full of inspired, passionate, and successful young adults who contribute to the community through business, philanthropy, and service. We envision a Bristol, Virginia with hundreds of businesses and nonprofits that are less burdened because our Virginia High School graduates are supporting them.

Match your resources to our initiatives

We are searching for partners who believe that investing in our school system is an incredible opportunity to alleviate the many burdens facing our families in Bristol, Virginia. If you are a change-maker who wants to...

  • Support a cause that aligns with your values

  • Build strong connections within our community

  • Make a positive impact for generations to come


...we would love to meet you! We are seeking partners who will invest both money and time into the lives of our students.

About the BVPS Education Foundation

We cultivate resources and relationships that uplift our schools, support our teachers, and inspire brilliance in our students. Through impactful grant, scholarship, enrichment, and alumni initiatives, we ensure that every student has an opportunity to shine and contribute to our community’s prosperity.


We are committed to holistically serving the BVPS system as an autonomous support organization with programs at the individual, classroom, school, and system-wide levels funded through individual contributions and community partnerships.

We share these values with our partners:

  • Empowerment: We unlock potential by providing direct access to resources that uplift schools, support teachers, and allow students to reach new heights.

  • Engagement: We create connections with engaged Bearcat alumni and local businesses, fostering a network of support that fuels Bristol's prosperity.

  • Impact: We ignite bright futures through impactful grant, scholarship, enrichment, and alumni programs, so every student has a chance to shine.


2023-2024 Leadership

Brittany Shortt
Executive Director


Bill Hartley
Board Chair


Donna Hale
Past Board Chair


Asia Malone
Board Treasurer


Susan Morton Leonard
Board Secretary


Sheriff Tyrone Foster
Board Member


Taylor Griffin
Board Member


Randy White
Board Member


given to teachers


given to seniors 

Statistics updated April 2023


given to enrichment

2023 VHS Senior Scholarship Winners

Education Foundation Scholarship

  • Madeline Bishop

  • Myra Kariuki

  • Patrick Poku

  • Alyson Wright

  • Prince Poku


Rex Gearhart Memorial Scholarship

  • Myra Kariuki

  • Patrick Poku

  • Prince Poku


John Iskra Math Scholarship

  • Jasper Cheers

2023 BVPS Classroom Grant Awards

  • Aria Asbury, Van Pelt Elementary
    Educational Beautification: Murals

  • Christina Taylor, All Grades
    Grief Kits

  • Darla Williams, Virginia High School
    Cooking Lessons for Functional Curriculum

  • Jessica Jacobsen, Highland View
    Gymnastics Unit

  • Kristy James, K-2 District Wide
    Hands on Math Mastery

  • Edu Protocols, Virginia Middle School
    Samantha Beaird & Karen Cross

  • Outdoor Sensory Classroom, Van Pelt Elementary
    Mercedes Sanders

  • Urban Garden, Virginia High School
    Alice Clark

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