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The Needs

Student Needs
Scholarships help address the financial barrier to post-secondary success

Nothing should keep students from pursuing their dreams. Our foundation provides funds for graduating seniors for merit and need-based college scholarships, which may be used for expenses in any accredited two or four-year college, university, business school, or technical/trade school.

Families are struggling to afford sending their students to training or education after high school…they’re oftentimes unable to provide basic needs. 


In Bristol, Virginia, with a population of 16,482, the median household income is $37,844 (via, 2018), and the majority of our students live in households that struggle to provide healthy meals each day. Because of our high poverty levels, every BVPS school provides free meals to all students (click here to read about Highland View’s Breakfast After the Bell program).


Free/reduced lunch eligibility rates

Virginia Department of Education
Reporting Date: April 1, 2019


  • Virginia Middle School 87.47%

  • Highland View Elementary School 100%

  • Stonewall Jackson Elementary School 100%

  • Virginia High School 70.78%

  • Washington Lee Elementary School 100%

  • Joseph B. Van Pelt Elementary School 92.06%

Teacher Needs

Classroom grants provide opportunity for teachers to go above and beyond
Teachers are unable to provide so many learning opportunities they desire for their classrooms due to nationwide budget cuts and financial constraints. Nothing should keep students from experiencing creative, hands-on learning. Our foundation awards grants to teachers who identify needs that are not being addressed and develop programs to address those needs with measurable success. Those teachers are then able to provide a unique and results-oriented learning experience for students filled with innovation, creativity, educational outcomes, and student benefits.

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