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The Foundation's Bearcat Alumni Society is a growing body of VHS graduates who have chosen to support the Bristol Virginia Public Schools with their financial contributions to our various programs. The Foundation's annual Alumni Campaign is one of our crucial funding vehicles that allows us to make such a positive impact on the BVPS system.


Volunteering is one of the best ways that you can support the Foundation.

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us with:

  • Administrative Support

  • Fundraising Campaign Support

  • Special Events

  • Alumni Outreach

  • Community Advocacy

Please contact the Foundation office and volunteer today!


At the BVPS Education Foundation, we consider teachers to be at the heart of our work . It is their drive and passion that imparts knowledge to our students, and ensures that so many young people will discover the wonder of life-long learning. As an educator, we value your ideas. Please let us know how the Foundation can better serve you and your students.

"Education begets confidence. Confidence begets hope. Hope begets peace." - Confucius

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